Our thoughts and mental images trigger the feelings and emotions which impact the words we use and the actions we take, which is directly connected to the strength of our Emotional Intelligence (EQ). The results and reactions of our behaviors and experiences flow directly from our thoughts, images, words, and actions, and the more capable we are of identifying or becoming aware of (releasing) negative thoughts and emotions at a fundamental level, then we can learn to increase positive thoughts and emotions. Therefore, thinking positively by visualizing our goals as already achieved makes us feel empowered and inspired and leads us to go about our days in productive ways.

Positive thoughts are the ideal replacement candidates for negative ones. The expected result is the cultivation of a growth mind set. Frequent and intense strength-training exercises increase the production of BDNF protein (a natural “feel-good” factor) in our brains, which allows positive thoughts to flow easily and frequently. When we exercise and focus on our breath, we release tension and therefore feel “lighter” and more “in the flow” of life; we are therefore more at ease and act less impulsively because we are in calm control of our life as independent individuals.