About Addiction: Exactly What Is It?

Addiction is a brain disease, and while there are numerous other ways to characterize addiction it all boils down to this:

Addiction of all types is loss of control and continued use despite harm.

This can be said about opiates, oxycodone, benzodiazepine, nicotine, alcohol, gambling, fatty foods, generosity and exercise. In fact, drug addiction, food addiction, gambling addiction – indeed, ALL addictions follow this pattern.


Dr. Avart Speaks about addiction.

A brief audio clip of Dr. Avart characterizing addiction, it’s drivers, and what happens in the brain of individuals suffering from some form of addiction.

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What drives all addictions?

Driving all addictions are negative thoughts and emotions, and too few gratifications in life.

Said another way, too few gratifications in life leads to compulsions and addictions. It is the subcortical pleasure/reward circuit in the brain which leads to the ‘hijacking’ of the frontal lobes in all cases of addiction. Furthermore, psychiatric complications (comorbidities) can arise when negative thoughts and emotions overwhelm the brain, and too few gratifications exist (i.e. bipolar mood disorder, major mood disorder, psychosis, or borderline personality disorder).

Negativity and lack of gratification is a vicious cycle, but it can be managed and even broken. Through the identification and elimination of these drivers even the most addicted individuals can achieve lasting success. However, there must be a comprehensive addiction rehabilitation plan facilitated by those with the knowledge and experience to see the patient through to health and well-being.

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