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At My Addiction Physician in Broomall, PA Dr. Herbert N. Avart offers an innovative drug addiction treatment program to rehabilitate patients who are coping with addiction (loss of control and continued use despite harm) to opiates, prescription drugs and painkillers, alcohol, tobacco, and other substances. As an experienced addiction physician, Dr. Avart can offer addicted patients a powerful, “non-12 step” outpatient detox program alternative that introduces 5 key Ingredients for Success.

Our PBS Project

Dr. Herbert N. Avart of My Addiction Physician™ is raising awareness for what has become a serious opiate addiction epidemic in the United States. He offers medically-assisted treatment to patients suffering from opiate use disorder, using a comprehensive patient-family-centered rehabilitation approach that focuses on the restoration of a patient’s independence.

To raise awareness, Dr. Avart is putting together a project for PBS that discusses many issues pertinent to opiate addiction recovery. He discusses the ingredients for success that should be a part of any comprehensive addiction treatment program. This project communicates: 1) your not powerless, 2) how physiologic change makes easy behavioral change, and 3) this is a recovery approach that makes sense!

My Addiction Physician treats...


Prescription drug abuse can easily lead to dependence and addiction and rob the user of their ability to self-direct and perform in life. Here you can learn more about Central Nervous System (CNS) stimulants and Depressants, as well as opiate-based painkillers.


Opiates are powerful narcotics that are widely abused and responsible for countless accidental deaths each year. They include drugs like heroin and painkillers. Learn about Opiate Abuse, Opiate Tolerance, Opiate Dependence & Opiate Addiction Treatment.


Buprenorphine is mild with with a slow onset and long duration. While there’s less risk for addiction to buprenorphine than full agonist opioids, there is still risk. If you have become complacent or comfortable with buprenorphine and cannot get off your meds we can help you.


Alcoholism is a chronic disease that destroys lives. It it characterized by problems controlling when and how much you drink. When you drink even beyond the point to where it causes problems, you have an alcohol problem. We can help you regain control.


Everyone has a story. Explore the audio & video conversations of Dr. Avart’s patients. Learn about our addiction treatment programs from various perspectives.


Explore the Ingredients for Success and you’ll learn about the key components in our addiction treatment programs.  This isn’t 12-Step… it’s a whole lot more.

Quick Addiction Statistics

% of U.S. population who have met the clinical criteria for Problem Gambling: 5%
Estimated % of U.S. Children who live with a parent with alcohol problems: 10%
% of yearly premature deaths in the U.S. thought to be caused by cigarette smoking: 20%
Of all U.S. prescription drug abusers, what % of those abuse painkillers? 58%
Estimated % of patients thought to experience relapse after traditional rehab: 70%

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Dr. Avart helps patients to regain their independence. Our comprehensive and medically-assisted treatment program can help you change everything.