Addiction Treatment Rooted in Reality

My Addiction Physician™ offers a unique treatment plan to help individuals overcome addiction and improve their brain health, based on the latest scientific research in cognitive control. Our techniques are derived from the knowledge that individuals CAN successfully change their behavior and achieve true independence, if given the proper tools. Independence in this context means, “self-control” and “self-direction” and the ability to “perform” in life. Our addiction treatment program was designed to teach you how to, quite literally, use your mind to change your brain. After all, your mind is the most powerful tool you have!  Let’s use it.

Here’s an analogy for you: Ever try to bake a cake without eggs, flour, and milk?  Good luck!  Even the most skilled chefs cannot bake without the proper ingredients. The reality is, addicted individuals face a similar problem when trying to recover. Addicted individuals usually lack the proper tools or skills (ingredients) to change their brain enough to establish a more permanent kind of self control (independence). In a similar fashion, you simply cannot bake the cake properly without the ingredients that the recipe demands!

Despite the analogy, we all know that recovering from addiction is not exactly like baking a cake. However, there are many, many tools and techniques (ingredients) at our disposal that can help an addicted individual to successfully reestablish the kind of control they once had. And what are we looking for? In a nutshell, we want individuals struggling with addiction to experience more calmness, caring, and contentment in their daily lives. This can be achieved through the use of powerful tools like strength training, Resonance Frequency Breathing, and the development of certain skills like Implicit Memory. Furthermore, engaging in frequent conscious breathing, practicing heart rate variability, and thinking positively can help us to gain a much stronger awareness AND control of our responses to challenges we face — increasing our independence from undesirable and addictive behaviors.


Dr. Avart Speaks about recovery.


A brief audio clip of Dr. Avart talking about addiction recovery, the personal investment required, and the ingredients for success. The Foundations of Treatment (listed below) provide a path to acquiring those ingredients.

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Dr. Avart's Ingredients for Success

If the brain is not capable of resisting the many obstacles and temptations it faces every day, it simply won’t. That’s a reality we must all face, whether we are the addicted individual or a loved one suffering from another’s addiction. Therefore, My Addiction Physician™ seeks to provide all individuals (both the addicted AND concerned loved ones alike) with the ingredients they need for success in the journey to addiction recovery.

The My Addiction Physician treatment strategy involves five basic ingredients for success:


Strength leads to performance.  Being strong and healthy leads to becoming your “best” self.



Changing how you think about yourself. Reducing negative thoughts and emotions.



Promoting health and well-being for individuals and their families is key to recovery.



Faith in yourself and the process can greatly improve addiction recovery outcomes.



Manage the withdrawal symptoms.