Herbert N. Avart, DO

Dr. Herbert N. Avart, DO - Director of My Addiction Physician
Dr. Avart is a Physiatrist who specializes in the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with non-surgical orthopedics, chronic pain and opiate dependency and/or opiate addiction, as well as numerous other drug addictions to include nicotine, alcohol, other drugs, and even gambling and food addiction. He also treats individuals who suffer from chronic opiate-dependent pain symptoms and other chronic pain conditions.

Dr. Avart has devoted most of his career as a rehabilitation physician treating the orthopedic and neurologic impaired, chronic pain, drug dependency and addiction.

Dr. Avart’s addiction treatment facility is located in Broomall, PA – within easy reach of most of the greater Philadelphia Metro Region.

What are Physiatrists and what do they do?

Physiatrists are medical doctors (also commonly known as rehabilitation physicians) who have extensive training in the area of physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R). They are experts in the treatment of illnesses and injuries that impact bodily movement and, as such, have a deep understanding of the nerves, muscles, and bones in the human body.

More specifically, rehabilitation physicians specialize in:

  • Diagnosing and treating pain conditions
  • Restoring mobility and function that were diminished by illnesses or injuries
  • Treating the whole patient, and not just a specific problem area
  • Providing non-surgical treatment options
  • Thoroughly explaining medical conditions to patients and family members
  • Customizing treatment and/or prevention plans

The job of any Physiatrist, or rehabilitation physician, is to treat disabilities caused by injury or disease. However, Dr. Avart is uniquely experienced among rehabilitation physicians to treat patients with drug addictions, dependencies, and chronic pain.

“Time has taught me that developing effective rehabilitation programs to manage patients’ dependencies, addictions, or pain involves treating both the body and the mind. In this way, lasting results can be achieved — even for those who seem to have lost all hope. I have developed a program to help individuals who suffer from a wide array of addictions, dependencies, and pain conditions free themselves – a program that has the potential to restore independence. I see people with chronic pain, and others with food addictions. I see people who cannot quit smoking but really want to. I help individuals with alcohol abuse. I see people who were opiate dependent, and then later on became opiate addicted. All of these conditions are marked by a loss of control, which could have been prevented. This loss of control can be triggered by, or followed by negative thoughts and emotions, and certainly pain. If you or someone you love suffers with pain or addiction, know that there is not ONLY hope — there is also a pathway to achieving lasting success. For those who are ready to regain their control and invest in themselves, the Foundations of Addiction Treatment we employ here at My Addiction Physician can only help! We are not here to judge you. Know that it is all about you, your success, and your independence!” — Dr. Herbert N. Avart

Dr. Avart's Educational Background & Experience


D.O. Degree - Doctor of Osteopathy

Dr. Avart completed a rotating internship a Southeast Medical Center, N. Miami Beach, Florida. He continued his educational studies in the Philadelphia Region after completing his fellowship at Moss Rehabilitation Hospital, Drucker Brain Injury Center. He obtained his Doctor of Osteopathy Degree from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Pennsylvania State Licensure

Soon after he completed his medical degree program in osteopathic medicine he obtained board certification and was licensed to practice Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Rotating Internship, Southeast Medical Center -- N. Miami Beach, FL

12 month general rotating internship focusing on general medical practices. Studies included specialty rotations in Neurology, Orthopedics, General Surgery, OB/GYN, Pediatrics, Dermatology, and Internal Medicine.

Residency Training -- Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Temple University Health Sciences Center

The Temple University Hospital/Moss Rehab residency training program in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is a three year program designed to equal or exceed requirements for training in the specialty of Pyysiatry as established by the accreditation counsel on graduate medical education.

Fellowship - Moss Rehabilitation Hospital, Drucker Brain Injury Center -- Philadelphia, PA

Early in Dr. Avart’s medical career his clinical focus was geared toward the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with chronic brain injuries. The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Traumatic Brain Injury Fellowship is designed to provide basic and advanced knowledge and experience in the field of brain injury medicine.

Moss Rehabilitation Program – This 12 months Fellowship, familiarizes all aspects of the clinical practice, treatment and rehabilitation strategies, including professional clinical experience in both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation settings; and advanced training in analysis and treatment of upper extremity movement disorders through poly-electromyography motor control analysis.


Professional Development

Member of the Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, later becoming the Chairman of the Department. Member of the American Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation.


Dr. Avart Speaks about his professional path.

A brief audio clip of Dr. Avart speaking about his own career path and how it led to a professional focus on helping patients to manage chronic pain and recover from addiction — particularly opiate addictions.

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