Counseling helps to achieve a more productive and satisfying social adjustment by teaching the recovering individual skills to sustain independence.

Biofeedback is the physiologic yardstick which quantifies physiologic changes that increase relaxation, relieve pain, and promote comfortable and healthy life patterns.

The treatment methodologies of My Addiction Physician support both individual counseling as well as Family-Centered Treatment which teaches techniques for repairing broken lines of communication and increasing states of calm, caring, and contentment within families. Family-Centered Treatment also engages family members in Biofeedback methods so that individuals can regain trust as they engage in Strength-Conditioning exercises and Resonant Frequency Breath monitoring together.

Through a trans-disciplinary model of rehabilitation where the patient and the rehab team share goals and responsibilities by integrating cognitive behavioral exercises, mindfulness activities, contingency management strategies, and motivational interviewing training the entire rehabilitation process will be supported and strengthened. This in turn reduces the chance of relapse and promotes long-term positive outcomes.