About My Addiction Physician™

Herbert N. Avart, DO is the Founder of My Addiction Physician and specializes in the treatment & rehabilitation of individuals experiencing substance dependencies and/or addictions, as well as patients suffering with opiate-related addiction & chronic pain. However, this is NOT a 12-step program — it is so much more than that.

Dr. Avart created My Addiction Physician out of a deep desire to approach addiction issues more comprehensively, but also more personally than the traditionally predominant models of drug addiction treatment and recovery. He recognizes that each patient brings to him an entirely unique set of circumstances and that the typical “one size fits all” approaches to addiction treatment and recovery so prevalent in today’s healthcare community are not producing successful outcomes.  He cites that the core failure of most drug addiction treatment programs is the lack of focus on restoring independence to the individual.

Recovering from drug addiction is ALL about restoring the independence of the addicted individual and that’s exactly what My Addiction Physician helps you to do!

Our Treatment Approach

Dr. Avart’s flexible and responsive treatment approach focuses on rehabilitating both the body and the mind while restoring independence to the individual. Decades of clinical experience with addiction and pain has led Dr. Avart to the development of a truly comprehensive rehabilitation program that can be effectively employed for virtually anyone with addictions, dependencies, or chronic pain.

The Ingredients for Success serve as the core tenets in all of Dr. Avart’s drug rehabilitation and chronic pain management programs. However, Dr. Avart’s programs are NOT limited or hand-tied by meaningless steps or structure. In fact, every single treatment plan at My Addiction Physician is customized with careful consideration to each patient’s diagnoses, life circumstances, and comfort level. All patients are different, so any successful drug addiction treatment program must be flexible and responsive to the unique needs of each individual.


“I’m Still Standing”

Listen to this patient’s ability to overcome hardships from their addiction and how they have used this program to learn recovery and be successful.

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Learn about the fundamentals of addiction, including what addiction is and what drives it to persist. There IS a way to break through addiction!


Learn about the foundations of addiction treatment established by Dr. Avart at My Addiction Physician and how they help to restore independence.